NYC Opera Event Tickets

Even if you've never been an opera aficionado, once you see an opera in NYC you're likely to become hooked. The city is home to some of the country's most prominent players in the opera world, and performances here are often sold out in advance. From classical to contemporary, opera in NYC is flourishing more and more with each passing season. Class up your evening by taking a NYC limousine to the opera.

The Metropolitan Opera

Lincoln Center New York, New York 10023 212-362-6000
Culture is a huge draw to NYC events for people across the globe, and opera is particularly alive in this city. Affectionately known as "The Met," The Metropolitan Opera House is home to some of the most talented opera singers, composers, and conductors in the world. During the summer months, The Met holds an outdoor recital series in each of NYC's five boroughs, making opera accessible to all.

New York City Opera

64th Street and Broadway New York, NY 10023 (866) 809-4709
The New York City Opera was founded on the basis of bringing opera to a wider audience. In addition to performances, the NYC Opera provides music education programs to over 4,000 students across the city. Seeing an opera performance at the Lincoln center is a NYC event to behold, for both connoisseurs and inexperienced viewers.

Dicapo Opera Theatre

184 East 76th Street New York, NY 10021 (212) 288-9438
The Dicapo Opera Theatre is an intimate opera house constructed in 1995 with luxurious, plush details that opera performances deserve. After The Met and the NYC Opera, Dicapo is the only other opera house in the city to run an entire season of opera productions. Dicapo runs everything from traditional, crowd pleasing classics to contemporary works each season.