NYC Broadway Event Tickets

A Broadway show is like no other. These performances are the creme de la creme of theatre, bringing huge amounts of money and talent together in one space - and the results are spectacular. If you've never seen a Broadway show, prepare to be moved, excited, and thrilled in ways you never thought a musical performance could affect you. Nothing says class and sophistication like taking a NYC limousine to your favorite Broadway musical.


222 West 51st Street, Manhattan, NY (212) 586-6510
Wicked is the sensational Broadway musical that's become a must-see NYC event for everyone from children to grown-ups. The play follows the lives of a bad witch, Elphaba, and a good witch, Glinda, and their struggles through their opposing personalities. The musical is critically acclaimed and beloved by people around the world. Tickets are hard to come by, so book early if you're planning a trip or a special event night!


219 West 49th Street New York, New York 10019 (212) 239-2820
Scandalous, sexy, and hilarious, Chicago the musical has been entertaining people for years. This Broadway production features some of New York's finest performers. It's story of lust and intrigue features the tales of women accused of murder resulting from passion. If you've seen the movie and loved it, you have to see it live to truly appreciate the full NYC event that is Chicago.

The Lion King,

1515 Broadway, New York, NY 10036 (212) 869-0550
Even if you've seen The Lion King a hundred times as a movie, you haven't even come close to experiencing the story. The musical is visually stunning, with elaborate costumes and dreamlike puppets that bring the story to life. With music created specifically for the play and a storyline that goes beyond the animated version, seeing The Lion King live is like no experience you've ever had before.


213 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036 (212) 556-4750
The NYC event of the year may be the new Spiderman musical, which is visually stunning because of its visual effects. Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark is the most expensive Broadway production ever to be created, and it was full of controversy throughout its 182 show preview period. However, with a score by U2's Bono and a storyline that's been captivating audiences for decades, Spiderman is a sight to be seen!